Glenn Davis

Known by friends and family to recount a good tale, his artwork really goes beyond that words can say. Glenn Davis is an authentic artist whose experienced eye tells the story. As a youth, Glenn found he had a talent for encouraging the appreciation of art in others. Since his first commission at the age of 10, he has sketched and painted his way into the hearts of thousands.

Successful completion of a Fine Arts degree launched a career with above par attention to structural detail. Countless hours have been spent by this master of landscapes, walking the path of both Duffer and Ace, not only to savor the pleasure of the game, but to drink in the environment. It is this intensity you see coming through each stroke of the brush. The community surrounding Glenn has always raved about the picturesque atmosphere his art creates. “It’s like I’m standing in the fairway.” – as quoted by many an avid Fan. Pushing beyond the mechanics of Vitruvius and daVinci, Glenn’s art reaches through your eyes and takes root in your heart. Numerous awards from across the Southern U.S. have been left in the dust (and the rough) for the quest of painting what is important, meaningful and pleasing to the client/customer. There can be no other legitimate reason for painting.