John Haley

John Haley began playing golf at age 12. After playing representative golf as a junior, he switched to maintaining golf courses. For the last 30 years he has looked after golf courses in Australia and New Zealand, where he lives.

“My favourite subject at school without a doubt was art,” Haley said. “It wasn’t until fairly recently that I decided to get the paint brushes out again. Since that moment I haven’t looked back.”

Today, as Haley paints some of New Zealand’s most gorgeous golf landscapes, he reflects on the origin of his golf passion:

“As a teenager I just couldn’t wait to get to the golf course. I can never forget the evenings with the golden light and long shadows, when the course seemed almost empty. This was such a special, almost spiritual feeling. Every time I paint these golf landscapes, those feelings come flooding back.”

Looking to the future, Haley is dedicated to continuing to develop his skills as an artist and painting some of the most iconic golf courses in the world.